• Onboarding or induction programmes are standard practice for ensuring that new hires can perform their jobs effectively. Even when a new hire has years of experience within a field, they still need to engage in an induction process to learn the particularities of their new role, as well as those of the company. Traditionally, this…

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    Five benefits of using eLearning for onboarding
  • Despite the growing popularity of eLearning, there are still many who question whether it can truly facilitate the actual learning process. To ensure that eLearning resources promote active learning, educators are turning to well-established theoretical frameworks to evaluate their relevance to the online learning environment. Constructivist learning theory is key among these. Specifically, it offers…

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    Constructivist learning theory and eLearning
  • When it comes to eLearning courses, video is undeniably one of the most popular mediums of instruction. It is a valuable tool for creating a diverse range of content, compiling micro lessons, and illustrating knowledge in a fun and engaging way. Recent advances in technology, software and applications have provided video designers with endless avenues…

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    The science behind great eLearning videos
  • Cengage and EDGE Learning Media are delighted to announce a new partnership in South Africa. This partnership will see Cengage representing EDGE’s leading textbook catalogue within the South African public university sector, as well as in Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Eswatini. EDGE Learning Media focuses on improving the student learning experience through its suite of…

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    Cengage and EDGE Learning Media partner to expand access to learning for South Africa’s tertiary education students and instructors
  • When it comes to pedagogical theory, the relationship between emotion and learning is often neglected – or, at the very least, underestimated. However, with an increasing shift toward using eLearning resources in education, it may be useful to revisit this relationship and, in particular, to consider the role of emotions in the eLearning context. For…

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    Emotional design in eLearning
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